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‘Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order krijgt Dark Souls-achtige combat’

Hylke Haagsma 11/04/2019 0 Tweet Het Like/Deel Het

Veel geruchten moet je met een flinke lading zout nemen, zo ook deze over Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Op Reddit is namelijk een lijstje uitgelekt met dingen die in de nieuwe game zouden zitten.

Dark Souls-achtige combat

Zo zou Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order onder andere Dark Souls-achtige combat krijgen. Ook zou de campaign veel langer duren dan de vijf uur die je nodig had voor de campaign van Battlefront 2. Daarnaast zouden we weer een companion krijgen in de vorm van een droid die je als rugzak op je rug kan binden. Je kan niet je eigen character maken, je speelt namelijk met een al bestaand mannelijk character. Ook zou er wallrunning/parcours in de game zitten.

Wat zou er nog meer in de nieuwe Star Wars game zitten?

Hieronder vind je de complete lijst:

  • Canon

  • Basic story is already leaked in the wild (no idea where to find), better and more impressive than BF2 one.

  • Backpack companion droid.

  • Gameplay will be compared to Dark Souls, being good at parry like in Sekiro will help, you will feel like a Jedi.

  • You go from planet to planet, not completely linear but not open world either, you get to an area and explore trying to continue the narrative. (My note: he hinted in a way of upgrading your itens and finding new ones on each planet)

  • Wallrunning/parkour was hinted at.

  • It will aesthetically resemble Rogue One and Solo while also having some of the Prequels flair (My note: EPIII is the best SW movie :) ).

  • Made in UE4, singleplayer only.

  • Its no action game a la Devil May Cry or God of War (My note: i think he meant old GoWs).

  • Much longer than 5 hours.

  • This will be an expansion of SW lore, tho going back to known planets was teased.

  • Pre made male protag.

  • Big opening, Inquisitors were teased.

  • It resembles Jedi Knight and Force Unleashed with a bit of a Uncharted (My note: no Force spam tho and from what i understand the comparison to FU goes only to being a 3rd person action game).

  • Cool enemies confirmed

  • This is a weird one: he posted a gif of a dude saying “Hi gorgeous, im Jerome” (i think its from Gotham?) then he later posted another gif of the same character with the text “you wanna be a hero?”, i really dont know dafuq that means (My note: probably hinting as to who is playing the protag)

  • The game may or may not have MTX, tho he said it wouldnt hinder your enjoyment if it had.

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