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PlayStation 5 Tech-demo maakt indruk op aanwezigen

Lars Leeftink 18/10/2019 0 Tweet Het Like/Deel Het

Hebben we een lek? Er is, zo schijnt, namelijk een “Tech-Demo” van de PlayStation 5 geweest, waarvan beelden zijn. Deze beelden zouden kort gestaan hebben op resetera, maar die zijn natuurlijk allang weer verwijderd. Echter zijn een paar comments nog wel overgebleven.

De PlayStation 5 Tech-demo maakt indruk

Zo was er iemand die de demo in ieder geval heeft gezien en daar wel wat over te vertellen had. Gelukkig lieten die wat comments achter: “The demo I saw had the very best real time graphics I’ve ever seen. And what I mean by that is it looked like a real game you can play. Not some super polished UE4 or Unity technical demo that you would see at gdc (game developer conference). To me, there was no mistaking this for a current generation on PC or console.

To be clear, in terms of scope, lighting and environment dynamics, Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Last of Us 2 aren’t even in the same time zone as this. And yeah, it kinda was like a Shadowfall moment to me in that it seemed totally different from what I’ve been used to in the previous generation. Now granted, Framerate was maybe 25 to 30-ish and it was early, early, early. But I actually said out loud WTF when I first saw it. Hugely impressive.”

Maar er is nog meer…

Want de comments geven ook in detail aan waarom de Tech-demo zo indrukwekkend was: “One thing I found really interesting was the quality of the shadows. I especially noticed there were some approx 2-3ft high bushes. When they were swaying in the wind they were casting moving shadows with fucking PERFECT detail. No shimmering or stair stepping at all. And I am talking about a bush with maybe 75-100 branches and 100s of leaves on it!

Casting. Perfect. Fucking. Shadows. Keep in mind this was just a random, whatever the fuck bush! Also, The overall picture quality was astoundingly solid….like it used some super duper AA. The game is full 2160p, but again, has no shimmering whatsoever. Just a really solid resolve to the graphics. I’m sorry I can’t articulate all this better but it’s really hard to explain for some reason.”

“In the end, I really think that you guys will be way more impressed by the games than the specs.


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