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Josef Fares over Hazelight’s volgende game: “Fuck, it’s gonna be good”

Hylke Haagsma 27/06/2019 0 Tweet Het Like/Deel Het

Josef Fares staat bekend als een opvallende verschijning in de games industrie. Hij is de founder van Hazelight en staat bekend om zijn fuck the Oscars speech. Over zijn volgende game heeft hij ook het nodige te vertellen.

Connecting the mechanics to the story more

“I would say that, in A Way Out’s case, it’s a combination between a Naughty Dog game and a Quantic Dream game – there’s something in the middle – and that’s something that I feel could be done better for the next game, making the mechanics even more playable and connecting the mechanics to the story more, which actually I will do in the next game, and that’s why I’m very excited,” aldus Fares,

Geen A Way Out Part 2

“What I can say about the next game is that it’s not A Way Out 2. It’s something totally different, but you will definitely see that it’s a Hazelight game. So I’m super excited, it’s gonna be… f***, it’s gonna be good.”

“That’s one of the things we keep pushing, interactivity. How could we do this? How can we do this part of the story? And blah blah blah and stuff like that […] it’s gonna be very different from A Way Out, very different.”

Over de sfeer op kantoor had hij het volgende te zeggen:

“It’s a really good mood in the office. We go around and f*** s*** up all the time, it’s like, it’s a good mood. We go around, like I tell the designer ‘come on, more, more, let’s do this’ and it’s a really good energy in our office.”

“But the next game, it will be more… I can say the mechanics will be more a part of the storytelling, and I think a lot of people will be surprised.”

Helaas komt A Way Out hoogstwaarschijnlijk niet naar de Nintendo Switch.

“We’re not gonna do it. For me A Way Out is done, it’s over. If it happens to be that somebody else does a remake for Switch I’m super fine with it, but we’re not gonna do it.”

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